• Every kid deserves to dream... to DREAM BIG!

    Inspiring, encouraging, and empowering the youth and their families around the world.

  • Mission

    Just A Kid With A Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3-pending organization whose mission is to promote literacy and cultural awareness among the youth and their families around the world.


    Through thoughtful consideration, we also develop strategic partnerships with local organizations which improve the quality of life and strengthen youth and their families in marginalized and disenfranchised communities by providing access to quality medical care; food equity & distribution; and, educational equity. We provide support for their programmatic initiatives.

  • We love books.

    If you could read, you could go anywhere.

    We want to make reading fun!


    Our literacy awareness programs introduce kids to the love of reading via:

    Book Donations

    Author Readings & Signings


    Book Festivals

  • History

    Just A Kid With A Dream Foundation, Inc. was founded by award-winning Haitian American Author and Community Advocate Cindy Similien.


    In 2017, she published her first children's book, "Haiti Is," and with portions of the proceeds, she was able to support organizations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Currently, her work also impacts organizations located in Cape Verde, Tanzania, and more.


    Just a Kid With A Dream Foundation, Inc. stemmed from the 2018 publication of her children's book, "Just A Kid With A Dream." The new edition of the book was made available in 2020 to celebrate the launch of the non-profit organization.

  • Impact

    We do not re-invent the wheel, but come alongside and support organizations around the world who are already on the ground and on the frontlines, providing services to the marginalized and disenfranchised.

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    Organization: Anseye Pou Ayiti

    ANSEYE POU AYITI recruits & equips local teachers in rural primary schools to transform classrooms and communities, building a Haitian-led movement of civic leaders to spread educational equity.


    Website: www.anseyepouayiti.org

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    The Dominican Republic

    Organization: Yspaniola

    YSPANIOLA empowers marginalized communities of Dominicans and Haitians in the Dominican Republic. Through university scholarships and leadership training, research, solidarity, and community development, they provide resources for individuals and communities to access local networks and rise out of poverty.


    Website: www.yspaniola.org

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    Cape Verde

    Organization: A local church in NYC

    Assisting a local church in NYC that provides free medical care, food distribution, school supply distribution, and dental hygiene workshops to the people on the islands of Cape Verde.



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    Organization: Happy Center Tanzania

    HAPPY CENTER TANZANIA empowers Tanzanian children through the practice of various artistic disciplines in an effort to instill self-confidence and develop professionally applicable skill sets.


    Website: facebook.com/HappyCenterInternational

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    United States of America

    Local Organizations

    We partner with various organizations in the United States, including but not limited to Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida.




    The Mississippi Center for Re-entry provides support and tools to the reentry community in Mississippi (Desoto, Tunica, Marshall And Tate Counties) to lead responsible, productive and dignified lives. To learn more about the Mississippi Center for Re-entry, visit: www.MSReentry.org.

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